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What is Stromal Concentrate?

Concentrated Regenerative Power

Adipose derived stromal concentrate is the byproduct of the mechanical fragmenting of fat via the process of adinizing.  Stromal Concentrate (SCx) is an all natural, autologous cellular matrix that promotes neo-vascularization through the time release of regenerative cells and growth factors.  The release of these bio-active stromal cells is responsible for the bio-chemical and bio-mechanical cues necessary for tissue regeneration. SCx is an excellent facilitator of cell-to-cell communications and plays a critical role in the regenerative healing cascade.


SCx is an incredibly desirable and powerful mixture because it contains a high level of reparative cells. In fact, 1ml of the fat contains 600,000 – 900,000 stromal tissue cells.  Concentrating adipose tissue is a simple, FDA-compliant, mechanical method that produces a high yield of viable high-density fat, stromal cells, pericytes, autologous exosomes, secretomes, cytokines, growth factors, and fractionated extra cellular matrix (ECM).  


SCx is produced through the mechanical cutting of the adipose tissue using patented indication based protocols, that produces stratified layers of the different components of fat. Stromal-aggregate is simply purified nanofat that contains a viable fragmented extra-cellular matrix (ECM) and reparative cells but without inflammatory oils and debris. 


Stromal Concentrate = Stromal Aggregate + Extra-Cellular Matrix

Adinizing is a minimal processing method that mechanically re-sizes fat. For a number of reasons, however, the preferred processing method is the cutting of fat versus emulsification and distortion with beads.


Stromal-aggregate is the byproduct of adinized tissue that includes these reparative cells, and extracellular matrix (ECM). The ECM, is where reparative stem cells reside and plays a major role in how cells communicate for self repair. Regenerative tissue therapies that include the ECM and stromal-aggregate attain the best clinical outcomes.


One of the main reasons it is the preferred method is because mechanically disrupted cell lipo-aggregate requires 10 times less fat tissue as starting material compared with enzymatic isolation to approach a constitutive cell dose therapeutic benefit. Accordingly, mechanical disaggregation is shown to be a more cost-effective and easy-to-use process because of the substantial reduction in material harvesting and processing.

A Superior Process

The adipose tissue is a very complex organ and is full of regenerative cells. The highest percentage of cells that comprise adipose tissue are called adipocytes, also known as fat cells. Apart from the adipocytes, however, there are other cell types present that are collectively known as Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) cells. 


SVF includes a heterogeneous collection of various cell types,  cytokines, extra cellular matrix, pericytes, MSCs, preadipocytes, fibroblasts, autologous exosomes, cytokines, endothelial cells, and a host of powerful growth factors.


Producing SVF is a laboratory process that requires the use of enzymes which removes the stromal cell population from the extracellular matrix producing a cellular SVF (cSVF) product.  Currently, producing cSVF is considered a drug and this process is classified by the FDA as more than minimally manipulated. As such is regulated as a 351 product according to 21 CFR 1271.10.  


The use of mechanical means for processing fat allows regenerative medicine practitioners to take full advantage of the regenerative capacity of fat in a simple, reproducible, and safe manner.

A Simple Mechanical Method from Start to Finish

Adinizing with the Adinizer is a simple mechanical method used to harvest a high yield of viable stromal vascular cells, secretomes, and fractionated ECM in a cost-effective, sterile, closed-loop system. The proprietary dual-blade cutting technology allows for the conistent sizing of macro, millie, micro, and nano fat. Current industry standard fragementing devices do not have this capability.