Our Company


MedWell is a specialty sales and distribution company that focuses on point-of-care technologies and biologics for the Plastic and Reconstructive, regenerative aesthetics, orthobiogics markets.

We are committed to delivering evidence-based practices for autologous cellular therapies though innovation, education, and leadership.

Cutting Through
the Clutter

The world of regenerative medicine can be confusing and filled with misinformation.


Through our experience and knowledge, we at MedWell can provide clarity and expertise to physicians who perform in-office regenerative  fat transfer procedures.


We do this by offering best-in-class biological processing and delivery systems that simplify and standardize autologous tissue therapies.


Our technologies support the capturing, processing, purification, and delivery of adipose tissue and platelet concentrates, while our knowledge is freely shared and available to our clients.


MedWell only sells products we believe in. Our customers appreciate this because they know it means they can trust us to deliver the highest quality and innovation.


We view our job as helping our physician-clients succeed by not only offering innovative products, but also by offering ourselves as resources.


Because at the end of the day, we’re helping you change people’s lives for the better. And we take that very, very seriously.