What is Adinizing?

Adinizing is the mechanical process of resizing adipose tissue by means of razor sharp cutting blades. Adinizing reduces blunt force trauma to adipose tissue while re-sizing fat tissue for customized treatments.

Purpose-filled Processing Methods

Based on precision engineering and physics, the Adinizer was developed with a purpose– to reduce trauma to the fat graft, while simplifying fat processing methods. Cutting fat with the Adinizer is a new and simplified method that offers higher fat graft retention with greater cell viability based on the reduction of pressure and force. 

The Adinizer gives practitioners more predictable patient outcomes based on a simplified, consistent, adjustable re-sizing method that exerts less pressure and damage to the adipose tissue complex.

A statement in physics: the velocity of the steady flow of a fluid through a narrow tube varies directly as the pressure and the fourth power of the radius of the tube and inversely as the length of the tube and the coefficient of viscosity

An Easier Way to
Create Better Fat Grafts

With the Adinizer’s patented ultra-sharp cutting surface, fat is dispersed across a larger surface area, which then gently cuts and homogenizes the fat into various sizes in just 3-5 passes.


Surgeons are now able to tailor the fat graft to the procedure, instead of one-size-fits-all approach. The Adinizer is the ONLY device that can consistently produce different viscosities of fat, bringing reproducibility and consistency to fat grafting.

In addition, our Adinizer protocol makes creating Adipose Concentrate (ACx) a simple mechanical method that allows physicians to harvest high numbers of viable, lipo-aggregate, secretomes, and ECM in a sterile, closed loop system.

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