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Offering best-in-class biological processing and delivery systems for autologous tissue therapies.

The world of regenerative medicine can be confusing and filled with conflicting information.


MedWell’s experience and knowledge will provide clarity and expertise to physicians who perform in-office regenerative fat transfer procedures.

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Cutting-edge technologies for practices passionate about innovation.

Our technologies support the capturing, processing, purification, and delivery of adipose tissue and platelet concentrates. The simplicity and compactness of our technologies make them ideal for physicians’ offices in a number of different markets, including:

Adinize instead of emulsify

Supercharge your adipose tissue for better patient outcomes.

The Adinizer lets you easily amplify any tissue based regenerative treatment with stromal concentrate (SCx).

With the Adinizer, concentrating adipose tissue is a simple, mechanical method that produces a high yield of stromal aggregate.

The Adinizer lets you create any size of MFAT in just 3-5 passes! You can resize fat into 4000, 2400, 1200, 600, and 400um tissue sizes.


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At MedWell, we view our job as helping our physician-clients succeed by not only offering innovative products, but also by offering ourselves as resources.