Scientific Papers

Indication-based protocols with different solutions for mechanical stromal-cell transfer

Supercharged Mechanical Stromal-cell Transfer (MEST)

New Mechanical Fat Separation Technique: Adjustable Regenerative Adipose-tissue Transfer (ARAT) and Mechanical Stromal Cell Transfer (MEST)

Not Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) or Nanofat, but Total Stromal-Cells (TOST): A New Definition. Systemic Review of Mechanical Stromal-Cell Extraction Techniques

Adinize instead of emulsify

Supercharge your adipose tissue for better patient outcomes.

The Adinizer® lets you easily amplify any tissue based regenerative treatment with adipose concentrate (ACx).

With the Adinizer, concentrating adipose tissue is a simple, mechanical method that produces a high yield of stromal aggregate.

The Adinizer lets you create any size of MFAT in just three passes! You can resize fat into 4000, 2400, 1200, 600, and 400um tissue sizes.